Friday, July 12, 2013

new studio :: week 6

more sanding of the now internal weather board walls
1st undercoat layer & on the brickwork too
with a little help from my FIL & small kid!
funky pendant lights
groovy swivel wall lights
light switches power points etc
& stylish fans are now up
plaster all sanded
floor has also been sanded
& 3 coats of varnish
looking beautiful
all the new exterior weather boards
all now in place
almost there ....
wonderful journey


Karen said...

Oh my - they've done a lot this week - and you and your two helpers of course!
It's looking great, bet you can't wait to get in there...

ARTwendy ... said...

Sam says: "so cool!"

ARTwendy ... said...

Amanda says: "Looks amazing Wendy! I love the floorboards! "

ARTwendy ... said...

Carolyn says: "Lovely! How exciting for you!"

ARTwendy ... said...

Jon says: "WOW, looks fantastic, it has come along way"

Danielle said...

You must be so pleased, it looks amazing! x

nicole said...

oh it looks so good wendy!!
it's coming along!