Sunday, December 11, 2011

age is just a number baby!

aren't you like 40 already!
i kind of feel like i was busy living life
& suddenly the decades have slipped by ...
but you know it is all good!
had a little party last night with a few friends & family
was great fun
loved my gorgeous birthday cake
made by my super talented friend Naden ...
Thankyou so much!!
4 candles - one for each decade
i wanted to say some stuff to them all
about how much they mean to me
how much i love them
how i feel truly blessed having such quality people in my life
i figure they in their make up of the how i know them, actually reflects my life
its taken me 2 weeks to 'take' to the concept of turning 40
but i think i've done with style & a little sparkle!!

what makes the sum of us?
can a person's life be summed up with statistics?
this is kind of what i had to say last night... 
in some interactive way i listed a bunch of my  life's stats ...
i said the stat & everyone or those who knew chimed in with the answer!

it was fun ... & my way of remembering stuff ...
so here you go:
27  th of Novemeber 1971 .... the day i was born
123 ... the house number where i spent most of my childhood
6600 .... model number of my Janome
13+ .... number of years Craig & i have been married
1989 .... year i completed my VCE
10.5 ..... years teaching at Carey Junior School
504 .... model number of the old family Peugeot
RBW .... Tupperware's Record Breaker Week
ABC .... Ashburton Baptist Church
1973 .... year i arrived in Australia
NHA ... my pink car
16,452 .... $$$ my personal Tupperware RBW record
53 ... cm was Oscar's birth length
14,642 .... days old i was yesterday
13th August ... the Playful Market
703 ... ventura bus number
7.03 .... am Oscar time of birth
8 ... number of new dining chairs
3+3 .... nephews & nieces
4 SIL's
2 ... brothers
2 x 10 .... jacks ... 10 years old
250 .... hARTylittlepeaces blog posts ...
CH ... Switzerland
NGV .... National Gallery of Vic where we had our Wedding Reception
TEXEL .... my blow up boat/bath
and so it goes!!
how do your stats add up!

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Karen said...

Fabulous speech - such a great way of remembering events, times, places and people in your life. THat last pic is a small child who lives in your house with long hair!! uncanny resemblance.