Saturday, December 17, 2011

day 4 of 12: piece-d at Christmas

 hey hey
happy happy christmas
has been a long day for me today
great day at the market
the little covered note books were a real hit!!!
friends & kids around
then an early tea with the O/S family
great times
got to enJOY that journey remember
thought i'd show you a few little favourites of mine
that have hung on our christmas tree for a while now
above: really mini log cabin pillow decoration
in total they measure about 1.5 inches square
will make some more like these one of these years!!
 little patchwork pieced tree pillow ornaments
this one is about 2 x 4 inches
is basically a grouping of flying geese triangles
here we go
this one is interesting
i only ever made 2 of these stars
& should dig out the pattern again
(yes shock horror i used a pattern! do you believe that Sam??)
um .... the star is 
as you can see a little wonky 
but i like it like that
somehow the pattern involved the background hexagon being formed 
by folding in the points to the centre of the star 
... confused 
... its hand stitched too ... 
for years i used to add a little handmade decoration 
to all our family members' christmas gifts 
... maybe i'll work on doing this again ...
they may however be crocheted??
piece to you & all mankind
(PS: my apologies for the poor photography 
but in the twilight of the evening that was all i was up for!!)


Anonymous said...

OMG a pattern??? I don't believe it actually!!!! xxx

Katherine said...

Oh Sam! hahaha I believe you Wendy (teacher's pet, teacher's pet!) :P