Saturday, December 24, 2011

day 11 of 12: gingerbread house

happy christmas eve 
to all
we've celebrated christ's birth with my family already today
what a great feast
i even made a pav for the first time ever & it was great!
i've made up my own little family gift tradition
some lucky person is given the gingerbread house!!!
it was for my brother andrew this year ...
lots of fun in the making ... & a great little 'helper' this year
"mummy, i need to have the 'colours!!" (translation = freckles!)
he was devastated when we didn't come home again with it!
right ... so it looks like i'll be making another in the near future ...
  hey do you remember the other day i was lamenting over 
the fact that i haven't yet made Oscar his own stocking 
... well my mum made 4 ... very funky santa sacks personalised with names!
whoo hoo ... i'm off the hook ... yay roma!!
& of course it was laden with goodies
i hope you are spoilt too this christmas time with lots of loving family & great memories ...


Karen said...

Merry Christmas to you and those you love Wendy. have a lovely day and I hope you are spoiled a little or maybe a lot !

nicole said...

merry christmas wendy!