Sunday, December 18, 2011

day 5 of 12: purple-ly pink

today is the 4th sunday of advent
we've had:
peace = blue
hope = white
joy = purple
& today is
love = pink
... each sunday the children have tied different coloured
ribbons on the tree to represent each one
... stay tuned for christmas day to see the whole effect ...
one of these advents i plan to make not the whole advent calendar of december
but 5 somethings 
.... for the 4 advent sundays & christmas day itself 
... an idea sitting in the back of my mind .... maybe next year ..??
i made this cute little tree a while back ... 
its covered in purple ribbons
with a teeny baby sized angel teddy on top
this other tree is covered in mexican pressed metal decorations
which remind me of days long past
when i used to work near 'market import' in armadale ...
i love the feast of colour that shop is ...
... do you know where i'm talking about?
very very mexican with a touch of europe ...

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