Friday, December 23, 2011

day 10 of 12: JOY to the world

joy to the world
the lord has come
let earth receive her king
a carol usually saved until Christmas Day itself
just getting a jump on it ...
offering you an invitation
to 2 services at ABC
Christmas Eve Midnight Service @ 11.15pm
Christmas Day Family Service @ 9.30am
(at which i am doing a bible reading .... to a packed congregation!!)

 ... hey have you ever been to a african american church service
oh my ... if you ever have the chance you must must must ....
i love the big deep rich sound that black american vocalists can muster
this wonderful man Nat King Cole is no exception!! 
 let every heart prepare him room
and heaven and nature sing 
while field & floods
repeat the sounding joy
so in your travels today & tomorrow before the big day arrives be sure to:

"Do nothing without JOY"

1 year ago: we were sort of homeless 
... but excited as we'd just had the winning bid on our home!
2 years ago: i was enjoying preparing for Christmas 
with no Tupperware on my mind (1st time in years) & was making lots of gifts!
3 years ago: was Oscar's 1st Christmas
4 years ago: we had just been to my brother's wedding in Washington 
& then we had Christmas in PA with my other brother's extended family
Here we are in NYC ... @ the Rockefeller Centre
it was wonderful  ... i was pregnant & we were very very JOYful

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Lotti said...

Lovely post .... especially love the Nat King Cole song. He holds a special place in my heart because my mum and dad's favourite song, their song .... was UNCHAINED MELODY by Nat King Cole. My dad's not alive any more. He has such a beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing.