Thursday, December 15, 2011

day 2 of 12: mini figgy puddings

ho ho ho
i love really quick easy to put together ideas
i wish i could say this was my idea
its not
craig's cousin stephen brought them along to one 
of our Christmas extended family afternoon teas
i loved them & have since made them twice for different events
 what to do
mix some white icing so its quite thick
packet of malteasers
a few green musk sticks
(stephen used cut up mint leaf lollies but i don't like those lollies 
& i like the way the musk stick gives a more holly looking shape!)
a pack or 2 of chocolate royals buscuits
its not rocket science
so off you go & put some together!!
good fun & a great novelty talking point


Katherine said...

I have also had these with melted white chocolate instead of the icing (or should I say 'as' my icing). Very yummy!

Another one is buy a Christmas cake from Safeway (home brand is fine) and crumble it all up in a bowl.

Add a little bit of orange juice just so it will stay in its little balls.

Grab a little bit of the cake crumbs and make a little ball.

Little bit of melted white chocolate on top and cut up raspberry lollies and the mint leaves lollies to make your holly thingo up and HEY PRESTO!

Karen said...

These are so cute, and tasty ;-)