Monday, December 5, 2011

+1 new neice +2 +3 = 6

 last tuesday Isabella Grace Victoria
was born ... isn't she sweet
welcome to the world little one
she has 2 big brothers so its a whole new world of pink 
in my SIL's family home!!
 so a very quick little quilty number
with my usual chunky pearle thread quilting stitches
sweet baby sized bunting
& my favourtie bamboo flannel wrap ...
(i make these for my market stall ... )
 here's her uncle Craig having a cuddle


Andi said...

She's lucky to have such a crafty auntie!!

Cas said...

omg how cute. you forget how small they come...nice quilt too as always :)

Lotti said...

That quilt is beautiful and so is that little baby .....

Karen said...

Lovely thoughtful gifts Wendy.