Sunday, November 27, 2011


 four decades
that's how long i've been walking this earth
what is it about turning 40 that gets
everyone all retrospective?
1971 was a great year
it was the year that greenpeace was established
women got the vote in Switzerland
the australian & nz forces left vietnam
the uk & ireland went decimal
china was admitted to the un
the first cat scan was used
apollo 14 landed on the moon
cigarette ads were banned on tv
sadly the great man louis armstrong died
elton john released 'Your Song'
aretha franklin had the hit single 'Bridge over troubled water'
and it was a record year of births in Australia 
& as far as i can work out that record still stands ... 
only i wasn't born in australia .... where you ask?
and why? hmmm
if you know, then be the first to leave me a comment
(its been mentioned on this post!!)
& i have a little gift for you!!!
hmmm ... might get all retrospective on you later on!
 are you wondering about these images?
today i loved being spoilt by my husband, my boy, my family & my friends
they know me well ...
see those chair legs
mate i have adored those for so long
i can't believe i have 8 ...
& that gorgeous red number ... looks awesome on my kitchen bench top
thankyou for your lovely thoughtful gifts
not required but i love them still 
turning 40 so far has been great!
as jacob says:
"age is just a number baby! what are you like 40 now?"
leaving you with the voice of louis armstrong on your mind:
(he didn't write this ... did you know?)
i see trees of green ... red roses too
i see them bloom .... for me & you
& i think to myself what a wonderful world



Karen said...

Oh you are soooo lucky - those are some of the best legs I have seen in ages!
Don't count me in the competition as I have insider information but I believe the answer is neutral... :-)

nicole said...

happy birthday wendy!!!
i have a vague recollection of you being a swiss miss? my memory is fairly terrible though!
hope you've had a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

I know too!!! sam xxx

Anonymous said...

I know too! Oh and i'm so glad u got the chairs!! sam xxx

Care said...

Happiest of happy birthdays to you!! :o) :o)

Lotti said...

Happy Birthday to you ... great post. I did similar on my 50th. Yeah and I agree 40 is a number

Cas said...

happy b'day wendy :) how lovely to be so spoilt. must share a celebratory drink soon. as for the place of idea sorry :(

Bronwyn said...

Happy birthday you young thing you! At least I can say that being only 8 months older! Do you have a perchance for cheese with holes and malted milks from pancake parlour? Desperate to celebrate with you at party but hurt my back and lying flat for most of my time. I think I need more hand work. Maybe crocheting may keep me sane?