Friday, November 25, 2011

yarn-ee day-z

 my awesome new crafty kinder friend Cas
made me this!!
(Oscar was my photo image stylist ...
... hence the matching arrangement)
I love love this colour combination
exactly the colours i'm into wearing in spring & summer
i love it & thank-you thank-you Cas!!!
so it seams that Cas & i have swapped genre this week
 that aussie crafty super store
has a spend this save this offer on ...
... so i went yesterday with a shopping list!!
i pretty much stuck to the list
new yarn colours were listed ... 
to make more of these cuties
 & i've made some of these too
for a new little noteworthy project
i'm really into the texture of crochet & 
the feel of yarn through my fingers at the moment!
some solo tv viewing last night
& this came to be
think i'll add some cute flowers & wear at my markets
to remind people that crochet is cool
very inspired to make a whole blanket like this
 more yarn-ee stuff ...
on wed at playgroup at our church
Oscar & I had the mighty long snakes out
he loved racing up & down the hallway space
trailing them behind him
they've been loving knitted by someone handy in the past & loved by many
i adore to watch this kind of play
i've actually knitted a giant anaconda
which my mum has been in the process of completing!
good on you mum ... stay tuned for that one!!

1 comment:

Cas said...

oh my you HAVE been busy!! love the colours of that yarn you bought. you must tell me where you went to purchase those (like i need more!)
p.s. anyone who says crochet is uncool, is uncool. crochet rocks :)