Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CH ...

so who knew or surmised?

= 4 answers
x1 per decade
.... seems fitting
the other day when I turned a year older
i promised a gift for the first person to remind me
where it was that i was born!!
i am completely neural
but of course!
not so cheesy
but may be gaining a few more holes as i grow older
am i as smooth as their chocolates ...?
anyway I have a little magnetic something for each of you!
if anyone else happens to like the look of these little numbers
then leave me a message & can arrange postage
only $6 AU ... great little teachers gift idea!!!
x3 fabric covered magnets 4.5cm diameter


Lotti said...

how cute and how nice.

Karen said...

Aren't you sweet! You've seen my fridge - you know magnets never go astray here!
Definitely as smooth as their chocolates!

nicole said...

teehee love the description :D

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Wendy! My fridge also always need new magnets! Doing my v best to be there on Sat!

Anonymous said...

ur funny!! sam