Tuesday, November 29, 2011

transport infrastructure

building the great transport infrastructure
road making essentially
just what you have got to have when your 
Daddy works for a transport company
front & back strips
one a road colour & the other heavy traffic
sewn together length-ways
zebra crossing b&w striped fabric
binding on the ends
then some quick hand stitching 
in a chunky pearle thread to mark the divided lanes
ready for play time
assemble in what ever format you wish
easy to roll up to take somewhere
or do what Oscar does with them & spend time in the kitchen 
threading them through the drawer handles!!?

here's some more infrastructure at the ready
when you have roads you need city blocks hey!
these are mini play mats
to be played with however which ever way the heart desires
scraps in some kind of patchwork wonder of log cabin
cute backing fabrics
then add binding ...
pretend you have a birds eye view 
now can you see it?
or use them to play with the animals 
or whatever suits ... etc
i've also made a couple of larger play mats
with the aim to encourage play within that space to 
create a focus & therefore room to imagine
its very Montessori really... with a burst of colour added
they're each made using 2 fat quarters ...
front & back
basically they are a whole cloth mini quilt
easy ... just make great fabric choices!
or better yet involved your child in these choices 
so there is a sense of ownership!


Cas said...

omg wendy, can you make me one! that is awesome. you are so so clever. there is no denying your talents, you truly inspire me :)

Karen said...

This is brilliant Wendy - love that it's so 'free' too. THough I wonder if there is a subliminal message - are you training him to be a quilter...