Friday, November 4, 2011

... catching my breath

my blogtoberfest fell apart
our computer decided to have a melt down as its brain was just too full
ever had one of those dry coughs? hmmm 
i was not well somewhere in there
neither were Craig & Oscar but we kept going - mostly
and we went away ... somewhere so far south that you'd think you'd almost set foot on Antarctica 
... well almost close enough
spent some time working out these mini sized shopping bags
while they are very cute they are labour intensive & would not be worth my time to sew to sell but a heap of fun to make
finished out the month with an awesome long long weekend
spent with a great crowd of 20 somethings ... at 'our' river ...
so here i am catching my breath over October ... November is already rolling on
i missed Park City Girl's Quilt Festival ... again - it finishes today but you can still check out all the wonderful quilting creations from around our globe
until this week all year Oscar & i have headed out the door early every week day morning
but today ... today we slept in!
for the next few months we'll have slow easy friday mornings - today was the first
... i think we both need it!
when i left teaching i loved the no-time-table aspect of my life ... 
somehow it seems to have snuck right back in ...
so 'cheers' for the rolling stone gathers no moss ...
if you didn't know Christmas is coming & the world will end if all those 'things' don't get done before (cough) ... seriously its the 4th of Nov tonight we are off to a Christmas party!!?
roll on ... we still have 2 months left of 2011 ... make every day count i say ...

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