Saturday, November 12, 2011

pop up market ...

went to the East Doncaster Baptist Church Market this morning
it was almost like being 'at home'
knew lots of faces: family & their friends
 little girls skirts were really popular
especially the non-pink fabric choices
need to make more as i'm now left with the mostly pink ones
also this week i had some great hard rubbish finds to help me
with my market display/ set up ...
i figure you have got to hit people in the face with what you've got!!
you have something like 3.2 seconds to grab their attention as they 
scan from one stall to the next so SAY IT LOUD OK!!
2 of my great finds were 
... 1 was a 3 wheeled bassinet stand: 
that soon became not so wonky by the swift removal 
of the remaining rotating items
& is perfect for the funky elmo red bassinet basket i use!
... & the 2nd a great clothes stand:
obviously for hanging cute toddler sized aprons on!!
that very groovy green display with the skirts all on was
a hard rubbish find from when i was about 21 ... yes i've been addicted 
with finding things to 'up-cycle' for a very long time!!!

i have now given up on trestle sized tables as display
& opt for my collection of stands & mini folding tables!
still having trouble with how best to display the baby sized 
bunting flags but short of a whole rack or backdrop display 
... the thing is (most .... generalizing here!!) 
people just don't seem to have the imagination of how to use them .... hmmm
 whilst at market today i did my usual 
make cute crochet flowers clips
while chatting to people ...
i've been doing a little thinking about the whole market thing
why i really like it
i get a buzz out of people liking my creations enough to buy them
i of course believe in the whole handmade = quality (usually) concept
i love the fact that handmade says that someone has taken 
the care & time to consider all design aspects & executed it with skill
handmade speaks to me
does it speak to you too?
i also like the community aspect of people coming together to spend some time 
in a common place to have 'communion' as such
oh & of course it doesn't seem to be a 'real' market 
unless you have the animal farm there too!
are those guys following me around???
Oscar loved the goats this time!!
next Sat back at T&T@Trinity in Surrey Hills
love the Butterfield farm quince paste that Maureen makes!
& they have fabulous fresh veggies there from a market gardener ...
... come along & visit!


Carolyn said...

wow look how much stock you had! great effort!

Glad it was a success.

Cas said...

Why did I not know about this?!!Probably a good thing as I'm sure I would have left with an empty purse. LOVE the red bassinet :)

Karen said...

Great finds Wendy - and you are right - small displays are better than a long table.
I value handmade because I believe it represents values that I want to promote, taking time to make something beautiful requires more patience and thought than grabbing some plastic rubbish from Kmart but it's worth it.
If it's things I can't make then I like to buy from other crafty types to keep the cycle going.