Wednesday, November 9, 2011

our 'riBer' ... quote: Oscar

our VICtorian pseudo extra long weekend
there was a horse race ... ? oh yeah ...
@ the old port in echuca ...
we were there to see the 'steamers' that Oscar dearly loves
with this great crowd:
Tim, Kate, Bryan, Marie, Lucas, Izzy, Amanda
along with Andrew & Genna

 awesome time away ... 
got the boat out for its 1st run for the summer!
 after all the flooding of summer 09-10 
there is amazingly still a beach left of sorts
along with whole massive trees that are now not there 
and new ones that are!
the river seems to be back at a level as we know it!
 our favourite 'steamer'
the Emmy Lou
 most of these pics were taken by Marie ... thanks Marie!
 andrew taking the little girls out!
go sophie! - go lilly!
 lovely photogenic moment of tayla & genna
 go kate!!!
she made the switch ... but can she make it back??
come again you guys
loved hanging out, getting to know you all some more,
the games & cards & music ... fabulous!
our little cabin by a little lake next to a huge river
 my favourite place for a 'consumed bouquet'
(hey Simon ... you can just still see "aririani" ...)

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