Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello . . . I'm back from 10 days away
& now am catching up on washing!
This is my 71st post = my 1st give-away!
Now 1971 was a great year . . .
. . I'm obviously not a new born in this pic
so not quite circa 1971 . . .
Its not far off my Birthday so I thought I'd celebrate early!
that means that I will do a draw for x2 gifts on Monday 16th 8am!

Every comment ever left so far on my blog
will have x1 entry in for these draws . . .

&/or if you are a follower or become
one then you will have another x2 entries . . .

&/or if you leave a comment on this post
you will also have x2 entries . . .

&/or if you cc me on an email where you tell
some friends about my blog and giveaway

then there's another x2 entries!
&/or you tell people all about it and direct them
to my blog via facebook (make sure you're my friend!)
then there's another x2 entries!

Go for it!

What gifts you say?
The 1st name drawn has the choice
between this patchwork themed bag
Double sided & lined
(23 x 29cm)
This patch worked Christmas gift bag with 'wonky star' front panel & lining!
(29 x28cm)


Care said...

Too, too fun! Yay for vacations, giveaways, and birthdays!

Anonymous said...

how could we not comment???!!! You are amazing. i can't believe how much time you find to be creative. a gift. happy birthday in advance xxx annie

Jeannie Gan said...

November is a good birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday to you in advance.

Quilts on Bastings said...

Welcome back and I hope you have a lovely birthday.

Katherine said...

My talented friend. Now I know you are beautiful now but gee whiz was a Cah-yoot little one too! Your hair was yes a little bit crazy but even THAT was cute! Glad you enjoyed some time away. I think I am a serial commentor on here but you make it too hard for me to not comment.

Anonymous said...

Of course I will leave a comment! I LOVE to comment on your blog and of course LOVE reading it, how could I not, it is my home page! My only sadness is that I dont know how to become one of your followers and I dont know how to leave my name so I am always anon....never mind, you know its me! Really looking forward to block swap tonight and I eagerly await your next blog installment! You are very creative Wendy, it is my hope I will vicariously adopt some of your creativity by being your friend! xoxoxox