Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soule sought after!

Do you remember back in August
I mentioned about a wonderful bl
og I check regularly?
since then I have acquired Amanda's
second bo
ok "Handmade Home"
which I adore & will over the years ahead
make many of these great ideas!
I've been slowly changing our 'study'
into a work & play space!
It will be an evolving space . . .
. . working in with current needs!
Well now I'd love to own her first book
.... I've entered a give-away put on by
Rachel of Euphoria
(thanks for the tip off Rachel!)
& she is offering to gift someone
Amanda's book "The Creative Family"
You can enter too ....!
I would be so excited to win this!
I've never really won anything!
Edit - Well actually a few years ago I won the Australian section
of a Tupperware Art competition
& my work went on show in NYC & traveled around the USA!
But that wasn't having my named pulled out of a hat kind of thing!

Please Please Please ....
Enjoy your day

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