Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red all around ... & aqua too!

I have spent some time this morning working out
who I have already organised Christmas gifts for
& who I still need to!
I'm giving myself the goal
to make this a "Mostly - Handmade Christmas"
Its the guys that I'm having trouble
thinking of ideas for?

Look my Red & Aqua Disappearing Nine Patch Block Swap arrived!
Thankyou Jane!
So excited about this but ....
....I have a few things still to complete
& the gifts list to work on before
I'm going to put this one together ....
It may well turn out to be a 'twenty-ten' project

& .... I've got a couple more R&A swaps in store!
Let me know if you'd like to join in a local Melb one
where we make the blocks in our own time at home,
& then meet once a month to swap them & socialize!


Jan said...

The CD holder shown on Puking Pastilles:, is good for guys. It was a scrap buster entry.

One Flew Over said...

Best of luck with the Christmas gift making!