Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrating all good things in small packages!

"I SPY with my little eye something beginning with "P"!
. . . Pencils
. . . . Pear
. . . . Parcel
A little while ago I posted about
a swap I joined: "I Spy" fabric swap!

(Thankyou Care)
Contents of small package No.1
200 4" squares . . .
I'm very excited about receiving these!
How else could you put your hands on so many
different fabrics without buying the whole store!?
I haven't decided yet whether I create a
layout in terms of the alphabet or using the idea of a rainbow?
I need to have a play!

Contents of small package No.2
A few weeks ago I met with a great group of girls
who all blog & are dead-set keen on their quilting!
While chatting I told them all about my goal to make a
King sized Value Quilt . . .
& so Andi & now Rita have both sent me some extra squares
so that I can have as many different fabrics as possible!
"Thankyou Rita" (Red Pepper Quilts)
. . . if you haven't seen her work/ blog you must check her out!
Rita is very talented at piecing simple quilt top designs with fabulous fabrics!
Thankyou for always sharing Rita!

Have you joined in for my Give-Away yet?

It ends on Monday!
Small package No.3 = My little Blondie!


Andi said...

Looks like Rita has sent some lovelies.
Much neater and more nicely cut than mine.

Katherine said...

Can you please tell your boy.....I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! He is much too cute! M.U.C.H! Precious!