Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Baby

One of my closest, longest friends
had a baby girl yesterday.
(who the nappy cake was for!)
Welcome to the world
'Olivia Margaret'
I can hardly wait to give you a cuddle!
She was born on Oscar's half birthday, exactly 1.5 years difference!
Born 4 weeks early due to
pregnancy complications
but arrived safely last night . . .
. . . weighing in at 6lbs 11oz
We won't be able to visit for a little bit as she is in the special care nursery but . . . got some little goodies for her!
I've never sworn that any expectant mother I have known was going to have a certain gender baby but with Meags I have said from the start she was having a girl! So lucky for me my gift making was on the right track!
Little boots above &
a bassinet sized mini quilt for now ... a cot sized one to come ...
all in one of my favourite fabric ranges ... oh I love you 'Wonderland'

I had better get all those little stitches hooked in so I can give this one over to the new owner!
We had our Thanksgiving turkey on Wed night
... since I have x2 American SIL's it is a regular Celebration on our yearly calendar!
I really missed your pumpkin pie this year Bets
... so I'm putting in my request now for one on Christmas day ... xx


Andi said...

Gorgeous little gifts!!

Quilts on Bastings said...

What a beautiful little quilt you are making - great fabrics. I am sure it will be loved.

annie said...

please send my love to Meags...and her family. wishing her the best with bubs in special care...know what that's like. all our love. Can we send a little something? let me know. she's gorgeous for sure( even under those blue lights!!!!)brings back memories. xxx Great gifts too woo.

Care said...

what a gorgeous little quilt! you give such thoughtful gifts!