Monday, November 16, 2009

Give-Away Draw & Time to Celebrate!

GIVE-AWAY DRAWWOW = 87 entries!
Lots of love sent my way ....
.... so thank you kindly!
1st name drawn - Katherine (blog-less fan!)
Katherine you can choose which gift you
would like to have??
2nd name drawn - Andi
.... so Andi I will have great pleasure
sending you the other gift!
Thanks everyone for 'playing'

Yesterday I helped to host a Baby Shower
for a very dear friend
that I have grown up with.
Neither of us have sisters so
we've kind of been each others!
This little baby that we are eagerly awaiting
is going to be a pre-Christmas baby
so we had a subtle Christmas theme of
Do you like the Nappy Cake I made her?
All great fun!
Happy Birthday
for later this week Meags!


Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL nappy cake! I am very always! xxxxx Sam

Andi said...

Wow!! Thanks so much for picking me!!!
Can't wait to see which one I end up with.
Andi :-)

My name is Wendy . . . said...

From Katherine!
Hahahahahahaha NO WAY! I won!!
Yay!!!! Thanks for picking me!! hahaha

Care said...

Gorgeous cake!! I love the lights!