Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The River . . .

Just one more sleep & I'm planning to sit & look at this view for a bit!
And this one too!
So giving you the 'heads up' that
you won't be hearing
from me for a little while
the next time you do . . .
I have a great surprise in store!
:For anyone who has left comments in the past
&/or does leave a lovely comment for me soon . . .
&/or is one of my followers!
So if you haven't as yet, now is your chance!
Check back soon!


Anonymous said...

I'll make a comment. I enjoy making comments! i love having your blog as my home page, it means i get to see all the interesting, inspiring and fun things you are doing! Oh, the only downfall...i cant leave my name!!! Sam xxxx

janine said...

How I would love to be sitting back and taking in that wonderful view ahh the serenity

Katherine said...

Hope you are enjoying yourself Wendy, you certainly appear to live a wonderful life! As always I am inspired by you!

Stay safe and maybe we can catch up soon?

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful time. so lovely to enjoy the stillness.
i hope the surprise is what i think it is.
take care and look forward to hearing and seeing more of your creative-ness.
love the murphy's xxx