Monday, September 21, 2009

Swaps . . . ready to go!

Butterflies & Lady Bugs
Pirate Ships
Strawberries & Daisies
Snails, Trees & Houses

Black Cats
My "I Spy Swap" 4" Blocks
all cut
(x20 squares of x10 fabrics)
= 200 different blocks Yay!
They are now ready
to wing their way to Utah!
Can't wait to get these back!
Will become a quilt to play with Oscar!
He will love it!
Mum & I might do some embroidery
stitched alphabet letters
to mix among all the little pictures as well . . .
P for Panda etc
Below: are my fabrics for the
"Cracker & Barrel"
Great 1930's reproduction fabrics!
Sweet . . . very different
to what I usually make so it is
good to be pushed outside my comfort zone!
Ready to be sewn!
When? Hmmm
Maybe tonight when Oscar is in bed?
I'm making x3 sets of 8 blocks
so my quilt will be half the size of
the eg Liz has made!
enJOY your journey!!


Care said...

Oh! Your I-Spy fabric choices are perfect!!

Can't wait to receive them!

Quilts on Bastings said...

I hope you get some sewing done - very pretty those 1930's fabrics.