Tuesday, June 4, 2013

i am the Lorax. i speak for the trees

 "at the far end of town
where the Grickle-grass grows
... is the street of the Lifted Lorax"
there is a favourite story about these parts
its Dr Seuss' "The Lorax" 
(in case you hadn't quite picked that up!?)
its so well loved that it was the theme for
Oscar's 5th Birthday celebrations held recently
  "..... I came to this glorious place.
And I first saw the tress!
The Truffula Trees!
The bright-coloured tufts of the Truffula Trees!
Mile after mile in the fresh morning breeze."
 the Onceler was there, seeds planted
a game or two  .... pin the mustache on the Lorax
some dancing to the "bad song" .... & others from
the soundtrack to "The Lorax" the movie ...
 "But those trees! Those trees!
Those Truffula Trees!
All my life I'd been searching
for trees such as these.
The touch of their tufts
was much softer than silk.
And they had the sweet smell
of fresh butterfly milk."
 the party table was set
with a valley of green
mini truffula trees
made with pom poms & skewers
party food to match
with barbaloot bears & humming fish

  "UNLESS someone like you
cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.
Its not."
  i so love the multiple messages within the story 
of the Lorax ....
with hindsight, the Onceler is regretful about his greed
there is an environment that we are given to care for
you, me ..... it always starts with the 'little' people of the world
 & there is always hope
it reminds me that really so much of what we have
we really don't NEED ....
  lots of lovely little friends joined in the fun
for in our village, there is always time to celebrate
these small kids & their families
are all part of our heart-felt 'village' & we love you
oooh ... check out this spunky Lorax dress made
especially to be worn to this party!!
how time flies - blink & your baby has turned 5 years old!
a No.5 cake, which when cut, was all 
green & orange & chocolate swirls
with some green-grickle-grass 
& 5 carefully picked Truffula Tree Red Velvet Cake Pops
mmmm .... yum!

  there were party loot bags with goodies
& truffula seeds & more barbaloots
special spontaneous moments with a grand-fatherly 'reading'
 we love you so much Oscar
so while you are slowly 'biggering' & 'biggering'
we hope you grow & learn & love & enJOY
... its your journey & we love having fun with you!
 all quotes are taken from the Dr.Seuss reference: "The Lorax"
first published in 1971


thornberry said...

Now THAT is a party to end all parties! Just brilliant. Gorgeous attention to detail - unsurprisingly - and obviously you all had a wonderful time!

Karen said...

You really know how to put on a party Ms Wendy. The shots of the kids in the frames are just so so lovely. Thanks for a lovely time.

Miss G said...

Gorgeous! such a wonderful theme! Xx g

Kylie said...

You did well - what a fantastic theme.
Happy 5th Birthday Oscar.

ARTwendy ... said...

Michelle said: "This is a beautiful piece Wendy, such a lovingly designed party! Great to be part of it. xx"