Friday, June 7, 2013

new studio :: week 1

so excited
... that i almost have no words
my longed for studio
is actually becoming reality
 it will completely change
how we use & what is housed in every room in our home
already there's been furniture juggling
& 'art resources' sorted
 so the build started last week
demolition done
those tricky levels sorted
we've had a bit of rain since then
so stump holes turned to muddy pits
gum boots squelched
timber has arrived by the truck loads
 the joists are in
progress so far has been quick
so studio plus a super huge deck plus a storage space
oooh yeah!
& we will still have the cricket ground
this space below is the floor area
of the actual studio
its going to have a 4m high ceiling
wonderful eastern morning light

will be quirky & have loads of character
just the way i like it
stud walls appearing
ugly exposed plumbing being hidden & sorted
window & door frames have arrived
my job ..... is to prime these this weekend
like to help??
i'm sure i could find you a paint brush!!
 stay tuned for further updates
i am enJOYing the journey
but .... there are some things about a reno/build
that seriously .... not much fun
but am so so so thankful that were are able to make this happen
lucky lucky me .... my cup runneth over!


Kylie Pearse said...

How exciting - you must be thrilled.

Karen said...

Wow they are making quick progress - love being able to see the progress shots, can you contain yourself, how exciting!!