Monday, May 27, 2013

little bit of green love .....

well there may have been some 'partying' about these parts
a detailed post will come soon
thought i'd sneak in first with my
mother-of-the-birthday-boy skirt!
its a 'key' outfit to be noted on the day - but of course!!
there was some kind of topical green theme
going on ....
made by my very talented friend for her smallest
..... cool huh!
 so on the green theme & riding my recently re-ignited inspiration
for making clothes for myself .... & having just completely
re-sorted my entire fabric stash
... well there was this green cord that i have been hoarding
for longer than i care to admit ....
not enough for the entire skirt ..... but
 i do love a spot of problem solving
... bring on a great graphic b&w contrast panel & some black denim
there you go .... & 'had' to be finished all before church yesterday
as it was the plan to wear it ... yep
 .... um, might have been a few mins late!
another of Nikki's A line skirts ...
it sits nicely on me & i like the cut
& my invisible zipper was almost invisible!!
oh .... and
do you like the way those sneaky numbers smuggled their way into the facing??
bit of fun ... just for me to see ... but shhhh now you know too!!


Karen said...

Oh I never knew those cute letters were there! Love the skirt - you have such an eye for putting colours together. Thanks for the shout out about the dress, still to figure out how to get it off her...

thornberry said...

Wendy, I LOVE this skirt! It's just fantastic!