Tuesday, June 18, 2013

wintry woodend retreat

it seems that there is nothing quite like 
running away from the everyday
from time to time
set on the edge of the small country town of woodend
easy to get there 
once you've actually managed to walk out the front door!
so from friday lunch until sunday late
complete delight spent with crafty minds
i worked on a couple of long sleeve renfrew tops
some 'jama pants
moved onto something a little more challenging
the lisette tunic dress in a very retro fabric 
with orange, which made it even more retro
i love it but it will need to be 'styled' just right
to make sure it not a bit costume-y
there were some hand quilting stitches added to a christmas figgy pudding quilt
& i cut out a new look dress
pattern & fabric bought earlier this year
very summer-y but well you know
you never know when you might click your fingers
& be somewhere warmer sooner rather than later!
check back later for some
photos of these finishes
(having not really posted much on wearable makes
... i'm not yet up with the whole take a pic while wearing it thing!)
we all took ourselves on a little into town excursion
into the brisk cool mountainous air
up the main road
a right, past the catholic church with its round arches!
along the way & onto the auction house
yep .... there was a HUGE i mean massive
deceased estates auction set for the sunday
with an amazing collection of truly vintage haberdashery
& collectables
some very sweet wooden display boxes & drawers
might have been one just perfect for a recently acquired thread haul
also lovely 1900's shop counter that i did work out 
would have 'just' fitted into my car ....
ooooh how i would have liked to have taken
some of these treasures home ..... went had a look-see at the auction
but alas ..... not quite my budget
but a great experience
seemed half the town was there for the entertainment
hope those lucky new owners speak lovingly to those special items like, forever!?
oh & there was the most extrodinary quilt
apparently made over 50 years
tiny tiny little hexagons
silky fabrics 
all completely...
hand stitched .... the maker slowly went blind
& it was huge ....
wonderful time spent away
thankyou for your friendships
your gift of sharing knowledge your caring actions
your words your stories your company on this journey


Karen said...

The weekend would not have been the same without you - so so glad we were able to enjoy it as much as we did.
PS - welcome to the world of clothing construction!!

Kylie said...

I had a fantastic weekend. Thanks so much for joining us.

ARTwendy ... said...

Had a blast Kylie ....xo

ARTwendy ... said...

Clothing construction !!!! What on earth has happened to me!!! Thanks for always sharing KW!!