Wednesday, June 19, 2013

one-a-penny-two-a-penny ....

 "HOT cross buns"
a dozen of them
 freshly baked
"HOT off the press"
 all a bit wonky
the way i like it
randomly cut sort-of rectangles
sliced in half
add a strip
press towards the strip so it sits higher
 slice it again at right angles
add another strip
& there you have a "HOT cross bun"
usually baked at Easter
but you know .... 
tweaking it to work with the whole
 in no time at all
your dozen will be done
note the use of a very funky newspaper print below
hence the "HOT off the press" .... love dualities
& a little extra b&w
yeah ... there is always an excpetion to the rule
my own rule about colour plus white ... 
(still waiting for that blog post aren't you?)
 piece them together
love the serendipity of fabric choices
& colour placement
yes they are all wonky & wrong
wasn't too happy with myself at one point ....
for not measuring anything
.... but then it might be a little 'too' contrived
to my eye if i had ...
 what on earth is all this for you ask?
its my entry for the "Hottie Challenge'
which is a fabulous fundraising exhibition
of HOT water bottle covers
some are actually useable too ..... mine isn't
but it has great aesthetic value!!


raising funds for the
has organised a whole heap of entries
i joined in ..... love a community arty crafty project
that brings people of all sorts & skills together
remind you of anything .... full circle maybe?
so the HOTTIE Challenge exhibition
is on at the Open Drawer
1158 Toorak Road, Camberwell
right near the Summerhill Road T intersection
from the 5th - 28th July

 "HOT off the press
HOT cross buns
HOT under the collar"
 its ... a little bit cheeky
i like it that way
 when you read these 'personals' up-close
you'll see why some of them are
a little "HOT under the collar" ...
... back to the penny bit
it is a fundraiser after all
you can visit & vote
with your pennies .... i think that's how it works?


Cath said...

Oh, Wendy - it is fabulous! Wish I lived closer to come and see them all hanging together. I had a lovely night with Karen at the last one. Going to give those "hot crosses" a try...thanks for the low down on how to do them. xxx

Karen said...

We did have a lovely night with our 'littles' that night Cath, and you are right Wendy - each hottie can be voted on by putting some coins into a numbered container at the exhibition.
I hope yours doesn't get you into HOT water!!
It looks fabulous - you are so spontaneous and organic in your construction, love it.

Lyndel said...

I've just been down to the Open Drawer to check out the Hotties, oh My! how could you have just one favourite? they are all fantastic.