Saturday, June 8, 2013

heART a craft :: studio styling

"heART a craft"
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.5

so now that you know... i've
been working away on a little
studio project
long awaited
so amazed that it is finally happening
i've dreamt about it in daydream moments
... its nearly the time to style it 
'just right'
or rather ...
to start out on a journey
of an ever evolving studio style
there may have been some favourite light fittings ordered
went for white .... what is wrong with me??
lots of thinking & imagining ....
so, 'well' ..... there's just ...
nothing like having a little secret sneaky look in other people's studios
here are a few
that capture 'something' 
of what i'm aspiring to
pintrested but today i'm having issues working out original sources.....
workspace- if we get an apartment that has a divided common area (like living and dining) we should turn one into a work/art/writing space 
love the industiral but not institutional vibe
metal & wood plus pops of colour
liking the black but not sure if i will do?
from somewhere ....
then this one below:
IsabelleTuchband.theselby_4 from
of which there is something about
the proportion of space that i think will be simular
not so many windows but that morning light will be there
pintrested here
YESSSSS > I would really like to find a flat file cabinet for my art that is as perfect as this one 
like the soft aqua blue of this
again industrial ... won't have enough space to dedicate to drafting drawers
but there is an essence here...
now this next shot
is actually another art studio classroom set up
i like the one wall of colour
this user friendly nature of the furniture
simple child appropriate & pops of colour once again
like the hanging chairs too ... have done that other places in the past
might re-visit that idea too ...
School room/craft area
and this one below
always loved the versatility of wires & clips
another previously done by me idea
a time worn re-visit
they are a must
as is storage for shallow flat larger papers & art works
wheels .... there will be chunky industrial looking castors on whatever i can
& quirky storage or display containers
i am so looking forward to all things radiant
beautiful simple practical interesting
keeping my eyes peeled all the time for things that will 'work'
Alex drawers from Ikea: Lindsay Stetson Thompson -- Nice Idea for my Atelier <3
so blend up those ideas with a few that i haven't thought of yet
& a little bit of senrendipity
.... can hardly wait to move in!!
just to leave you with a thought .... from
ref: a favorite book i chat about over here
there will be plenty of problem solving going on
in my element
my creative wish: words of wisdom

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