Saturday, September 1, 2012

You Sew Girl! Chunky Purse day ...

  had a simply wonderful day
arrived back home last night
to attended a planned workshop today
loved every minute
thankyou to the incredibly talented & knowledgable
had the complete pleasure
in making Nicole's
love it ... it most certainly is chunky
it will hold a whole bunch of precious goodies
learnt lots of hints & tricks
& I might just try this 
using a pattern thing more oftern

 oh & my side by side studio work buddy was a new-to-me ... Karen 
"v nice to meet you Karen!"
here are our results lined up next to each other
Karen made the 150mm Purse ... we were very proud of these
... our fearless leader stepped us through her very clearly designed pattern
now ... on to try another design & step up the tricky factor ...
 .... did you notice its green!
i love green ....


Karen said...

It looks gorgeous Wendy, how surprising it's green...
Another Karen!!! Well I never!
Would love to hear about doing the frame, it looks scary!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That's fantastic! I love the fabric and colour! I love green too (much more before the two girls hit my life!!) I want one! Go you!!! Xxxxx

Cas said...

gorgeous, although i prefer the inside fabric!! looks like it was a very productive class :)

Karen said...

Lovely to meet and sew with you last Saturday!