Thursday, August 30, 2012

restore & reflect FNQ

time to just be together as our little family
time from what our usual everyday life brings
a change for a short time
time to be
a chance to reflect
time to talk & think
i've come up with a few new ideas
& some renewed inspirations
so my creative space has been
more about creative thinking
than the 'hands-on' this week  ....
there has been some poolside crochet
sweet flower garlands - they drape so nicely
if you 'like' these you can find them at my next market!
or maybe later ...
 i might give you a hint or two as to the 'how to?'
we've walked along the sands
listened to the sea breeze whisphered secrets
been facinated with the movements of the tide
collected tiny perfectly made sea shells
jumped the waves
swum in the 'rock' pool
enjoyed the perfect sunshine
relished some seistas
thankyou far north queensland
this timely visit has been so much enJOYed


Karen said...

I loooove holidays like that - it's so nice to just 'be' and not have to be anywhere.

Camilla said...

Aren't sand patterns amazing?!
You escaped from Melbourne and I escaped to Melbourne! Yay for refreshing escapes!

Cas said...

sounds like the break was just what the doctor ordered :) look forward to seeing the new inspirations :)

nicole kane said...

oooh happy holiday! looks like a fab time!

BigLittle said...

Loving the heart garlands - I wish I could crochet! xx