Tuesday, September 18, 2012

its World BAMBOO Day ....

... in case you hadn't heard ...
18th Sept has been for the last 4 years ....
aims ... "to elevate the status of bamboo everywhere
to be considered as a plant with amazing potential
to improve the environment 
as a positive substitute to other materials
– such as a source for textiles, bio-plastic, bio-fuel, and non-timber products"
... info from the World Bamboo Organisation
i love a bit of bamboo ...
i've been sewing with it one way or another for a few years now
it has amazing properties
its super soft
its antibacterial
it breaths
its biodegradable
super absorbent
warmer than wool
cooler than cotton
& the bamboo i buy is grown & made in Australia
so that makes it fair trade as well
so i sewed with it today
lots of lovely soft bamboo baby wraps
& super snugly baby modern patchwork blankets
these i make in 2 sizes:

capsule .... just the right size to wrap an extra layer over baby when out & about
also fits easily into a bag to take anywhere or if the little person is deeply attached to holding on its not so huge to be dragged about ....

bassinet ..... this is just right to tuck baby in or take as that travel blanket
or use as a play mat ... lovely ....
 these are made of bamboo & cotton
you'd wash them in cold water
with a mild environmentally friendly detergent
you'd lie it fat - ish to dry
& as it is used & loved it will soften even more
 would you like to get your hands on one?
for your own needs or as a gift ....
well you can always ask as i can make these to order
but if you happen to live or might be passing through
our nation's great capital city .....
 well all these lovely pieces pictured here
have either been sold recently
or are in stock
or are about to wing their way northward
to be waiting for just the right person to fall in love with them ...
 have you been to 
its a designer collective
you should work in a visit somehow sometime
well here's some news
i'm now one of those designers ....
yep ... had this under my hat for just a little bit
but am so excited to tell you about it!!
 so i'll just send these new pieces all off tomorrow
& by the weekend some sweet little person could be snuggled
under a whole lot of bamboo goodness 
made by hARTylittlepeaces
..... that's me .... i'm wendy
... i have some more little goodies in stock there 
which i will tell you all about soon ....

  oh & i really meant to post about this sweet little number
yep more bamboo .... hoot twa hooo!
some wise punter at our kinder trivia night silent auction
walked home with these lovely handmade items made by me 
a large bamboo modern patchwork blanket
& a couple of muslin cotton baby wraps to match
so happy to help ... & loved being part of the whole night
well done ladies .... super effort ... yay


Karen said...

What an overload of loveliness!! The green blanket with the animals and ric rack print looks great and of course Little Red, can't go past her.

Congratulations, so great that Shop Handmade were clever enough to stock you!

Cath said...

They are just gorgeous! Congrats on stocking your bamboo bundles of loveliness at Shop Handmade...wich I lived closer to shop there regularly!

nicole kane said...

gah! so. many. beautiful. things!

and so exciting about shop handmade, congratulations!

Katherine said...

Such a clever cookie! Love it when you blog (looks all so professional).

That bamboo.....too lovely!

Anonymous said...

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