Monday, September 24, 2012

open doors

do you remember the movie 'sliding doors'?
i love this concept of choice ...
in the film it was all about that moment of 
either catching the train or not ...
... hence the sliding doors
one element in her life slides past the other
& massive life changes are made
you may have worked out i like referring to a visual reference
the "open door' meaning an opportunity 
for a choice to be made to take a certain path
in my life these open doors have been mostly 
... really obvious
the feeling of making that 'right' choice
the one that is the perfect 'fit' is priceless
the thing is, even when the door is open
it is still not necessarily 'the' choice to make ...
... so choose wisely my friends!
 i've had so many wonderful moments in my life
where the fit has been right & the door was open
& to be honest its felt like its too good to be true when
the open door has just 'fallen in my lap'
 then ...
there have been many times when the door has simply been 
closed shut
tightly shut & i have not understood why
so life sometime seems like a maze where i believe
our God has a guiding hand
a hand to open or close
we still choose the journey but those gentle
or at times not so gentle nudges .... 
guide us along to 'see' the open doors
 when i met my husband is was more like a smack round the ears than a gentle nudge
when my final school year results arrived it felt more like a slam in the face
when we were searching for a new-to-us-home they seemed like all closed doors
when i applied for my first teaching position everything just fell into place
when it came to conceiving a baby naturally 
.... well that has been a door shut closed with a great big bolt
when i finally decided that teaching in a school wasn't for me anymore 
... the doors opened on 'new horizons'! 
i stepped out of the boat & felt brave & it was good
when we looked for new homes closer to our church 
.... we fell in love with the first one we found & it became ours in almost a wink
craig was offered an overseas position & we even went & had a look-see 
... we would have gone but that door was closed for us 
..... with hindsight .... the 'right' move
then another 'os' opportunity ... the door was wide open
.... but we had discovered by then that we were where we wanted to be
.... & with further hindsight .... definitely the 'right' move
one door that i have been 'willing' to open since i was a teenager
has been all about owning & running my own studio/gallery
.... i'm starting to see the real possibilities 
.... feels like i've been dreaming this for so long
it has felt like i've walked past the door many times
i've wanted to turn the handle to see ...
i've just not been brave enough ... silly me
.... but now .... i think the door might just been opening just a titch!
sometime soon i am going to swing it wide open & race on through ...
all the above pics are from the weekend just gone
we were at our favourite beach
went for drive & an explore about Queenscliff
there is still a lovely historical charm to that little town
so which doors will open in my near future ...
hoping its one i've wished for ... soon


Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy, so beautifully said my friend xo

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said my friend. I certainly hope this door opens very widely for you xo

Karen said...

That is one of my all time favorite movies too, I love that there are timed in everyone's life when you wonder "what if??"
I know there's been lots going on in that every-busy head of yours and I've also had lots of time to think while having 'down time'.
Looking forward to catching up soon to compare notes!