Wednesday, September 26, 2012

thrifty fun times

 some truly ace thrifty finds recently
i love a bit of op shop spotting
i usually have to drag the little boy along
but in the end he has lots of fun
and has got the idea now .... that just maybe we might walk out with
some treasure for him .... if he's good!!
loving Dr Seuss .... he's never off the current book menu
can't go past a great Tups bargain ....
some happy yellow sunshine-y container goodness
rolling pins .... tactile woody ones .... yep 4 the studio  
.... (whispered in case my husband finds out ... 
i promised that i would not 'collect' any more objects for the 'studio' ..... until i actually had one!!)
oh & the pin cushion was Oscar's choice .... seriously!
then the "piste de resistance"
a "Fisher Price Play Family Airport"
my heart skipped a beat & then raced when i saw this little number
all grimy & shoved on a shelf almost out of sight!
.... Oscar spotted it at the same time 
complete bargain ... a bit damaged
but you know in a world where retro is just the ticket
.... there are 'Fun Times in Florida' ... ! yay
 loving the teal green & all the super cute images
they are in very good condition
the control tower however must have had someone crash land
but still she's apples ... love the baggage manually operated turn table!
my mum has all the contemporary FP little people & the plane to compliment
... so if you're going to fly .... be sure to check in with plenty of time ...
not sure if there is a club lounge to wait in?
certainly not a wheely suitcase in sight ..... 
gone are the days when you'd actually go to a travel agent  .... loving it!
so yeah .... funny sunny times here
"Think left and think right
and think low and think high
Oh! the thinks you can think up
if only you try!"
Dr Seuss

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