Monday, February 27, 2012

thrifty treasures

the thrill of the hunt
love it
& when i find such wonderful treasures
gives me such a great buzz
little burnt orange red chair 
will find a new life as a 'prop' ... with me
it may well feature again someday on this here blog of mine
found at a garage sale $1 ... seriously
i couldn't walk away from it

also went on a little op shop tour
thanks for your company girls

some of this was picked up on our 'tour'
some on my own the week before last
fab retro dinner plate - destined for our cabin
turquoise flower plate ... matches some japanese ceramics i already love
fun snail-y teapot will become 'the' studio teapot
awesome chunky metal bangles that i've worn twice already
earings in one of my favourite colourways
& an oh so lovely little lacquer style green & black trinket box
i had other intentions for this box when i picked it up 
but it goes so very nicely with the green tiles around our fireplace
now its a keeper
& the fabric ...
well ... let me tell you i have a whole other post to write about there!
stay tuned for that one!
its all got a real asian kind of look hey
well i do like a bit of asian styling!
happy happy thrifting
joining in over here
with the Haby Goddess


Megan said...

$1! Amazing. Love the shade of orange.

Lotti said...

I love that chair .... so nice ... and for $1 BARGAIN. I also love that little plate, that is really really nice.

Anne said...

I know where there is one of those plates ... will have to look at it with new eyes!

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

The flower plate is beautiful. I could think of a sqillion uses for it. Thanks you for playing along.

Anonymous said...

From Sam: And i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the snail tea pot! I think i should start collecting tea pots! I seem to see them (well mostly your ones) and LOVE them!