Thursday, February 23, 2012

a cup of pink

had a little artist in my life
(not Oscar)
ask me yesterday where the white paint was?
7 whole days ago i gave her the hint that if
you mixed white with red something magical happens!
her world changed forever
what a privilege hey!
& 7 days later she remembered even more the point
whooo hooo!!
my pink cup runneth over
(hope her mummy doesn't mind me posting a close up of the evidence!?)
we all have these 'changed forever' days & moments
when something happens or is said or found
or simply falls in your lap, often when you weren't looking for it!
when it does 
i'm usually terrified & am not sure what to do with it
if i want it or rather to do it?
hmmm sound like a riddle?
kind of is i guess ...
i've had a few people say to me lately
your life is so interesting & there's always something happening ...
... guess it is but i get bored otherwise
its busy & full & wonderful
somehow there is not enough time
& yet i still find myself idle a-plenty
i flog myself for wasting it you know!
flogging myself i mutter:
"seriously get out there girl & get going
you can do more & you want to"
bring it on .... yep just NEED a studio ...
so we can have many many more
discovery moments
i love it!!


Karen said...

Glad to know the studio is still high in your thoughts! The folk here are making self-designed '
monsters' from paper plates and paint.
Never a dull moment.

Lotti said...

That's gorgeous ... love the way children can just do something without knowing it to make you feel happy. Used to love my children's art work when they'd bring it home from Kindy.