Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MPAY: On the Wall?

 joining in
thanks Vic
so what is on my walls?
we've been here 12 months & i have managed to actually commit 
to a few hooks in the plaster
above above: birds paintings by me
i should paint more often
above: said birdies with pair of seed pods
i know i know they have been said to look like something else
hanging happily in our kitchen
you can see the edge of the fridge, pantry &
a corner of the bench
below: a tree created in printmaking
when i was in first year uni
all these pics that you see framed
i framed them
yep my parents one Christmas a long time ago now
gave myself & SIL the gift of framing classes
seriously one of the BEST EVER gifts!
i framed heaps for other people so if you need?
above:  little mini prints or cards from somewhere
i like the retro 50's feel they have
outside Oscar's bedroom
below: to the left of our fridge
tiny piece
about 4"x3"
bought because i love it 
at the Camden Market
outside of London
i love having items about home
that speak of our travels
 above: more travel treasures
also framed by me ...
tiny chinese embrioderies
one is an interesting design but i can see birds in it
& the other i like to think of
as a phoenix ...
here they are in detail below


Karen said...

you should do more of your own Wendy - lovely. Those cards remind me of barkcloth patterns I've seen in the past, very retro.

Cas said...

miss wendy, is there anything you cannot do!!! so very talented :) i really enjoyed your post. some very lovely pieces hanging there :)

karlyn Jackson said...

love those painting of yours, especially the birds.

Jackie Proctor said...

A collection of very nice things hanging on your walls. Love your little birds and the chinese embroideries.

joanne said...

Lovely and interesting walls, especially that tree you printed!

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Some beautiful wall art you have there..and you framed them yourself - wonderful! I really love your bird paintings too.