Monday, February 20, 2012

... thrifty wood

 ... can hardly believe our good luck lately
new to us for free
 the previous custodians were simply pleased to have 
this gorgeous wardrobe taken away
i had been hunting for a 'just right' larger
 wardrobe for Oscar on eBay
had in mind to find a dark wood piece 
that was just crying out for a little paint 
& mod podge transformation in the form of 
branches & leaves
hmmm needless to say that i will not be
giving this new beauty the same treatment
& we have more beauties below...
with my kiddy art studio on my mind a-plenty lately
groups of 4 pre-kinder & kinders is the plan
so you can see why this set of very cool
retro chairs were irresistible!
i love them and they are larger than they appear
strong & sturdy as the day they were made
and the stories... oooh i'd love to hear a story or 2 from them!
just in need a wire brush run over them 
& maybe a little light sand
& a good oil ... perfect
below is the hall style table that i spotted
early last monday morning
on a nature strip ...
heading back home after dropping
my big boy at the station
was sort of still in my pj's!
& in the wrong vehicle
stopped, checked it out, laid said table on side
hoping no one else might spot it too!?
high tailed back home
swapped vehicles in a massive hurry
bribed the 3year old to 'move-along-quick-sticks'!! ...
whew ... & it was mine
along with a great hoard of Lego!
 so joining in the Haby Goddess'
... great thrifty finds hey ...


Tiff said...

What great finds! I love those chairs, they look like old school chairs possibly? X

Karen said...

Oh those chairs are gorgeous. I can't believe anyone puts Lego on the nature strip!

Catherine said...

I just saw your pics over at The Haby Goddess - you're finds are fantastic! I love those chairs - I'm on the look out for some myself!

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

I think you can be mighty pleased with these finds! I agree with the others, those little chairs are fantastic.
Thank you so much for sharing your finds on Make Grow Thrift this week x

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

The wardrobe is stunning, and in such fantastic condition. And how adorable are those little chairs - too cute!