Sunday, February 26, 2012

hooked on a whale

on Oscar's bag hook at kinder
he has a picture of a
 another child has a dolphin on theirs
so we have been having lots of chats
about the differences!
he's been a bit confused
found some great whale pics
but my favourite is this
made by the very clever
mevrouw of
valaan villapaita
whom i have asked permission to use this photo
of her gorgeous work ...
also love her header
i so wish i could read about it all ...i adore this whale softie
oooh ohh ooo
just found this one made by her as well ...
... also while 'talking' whale & dolphin differences
we've been reading:
i love usborne books ...
we love this book
(which i'm not sure you can buy in Australia anymore!)
& there is an awesome fold out page on the
blue whale
did you know that the blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived?
even bigger than the largest dinosaur?
its tongue is as heavy as an elephant?
their calls are the loudest of any animal?
the heaviest blue whales weigh more than a medium sized plane?
and that they are longer than a tennis court?
there you go!
not sure Oscar is about to spout these facts
but you've got to start somewhere hey!
oh & we have only recently viewed 'nemo'
for the first time ... the whale helps nemo of course!
 I would so love to make him one ... like mevrouw's
will see what i can manage
& i'm still thinking about that sausage dog too!

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Karen said...

Love, love, love those whale softies Wendy - they are so anatomically accurate.