Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HST's ... Tonal Value Quilt

For the longest time I have been inspired by
these quilts ...
... nothing new as far as shape goes
...or even using tone ...
... just a fresh look at it
I like them because they are simple, graphic & modern!
Thanks Katie!So over time I have been slowly
collecting & cutting 3" squares
of almost entirely different fabrics ....
How many? 576!!!My Tonal Value Quilt is going to be for our bed
at our cabin at "the" river
.... I love the fact that it is going to display
such an amazing collection of different fabrics!
There are a few double ups but
mainly all different
... bought a few charm square packs
to help move it along too!
Its a Queen sized bed but I'm making it a King sized quilt!
24 x 24 HST blocks wide & tall!
Awesome ...So on Saturday evening ...
(what you do when you have a child ... Sat night at home!)
I sat & sewed them all together ...
You know ... pencil line from one corner
to the other then sew a 1/4" both
sides of the line etc!
Just like I showed you here ...
& then of course you are left
with 2 mini HST blocks that are
(same but different hey!)A friend of mine is also working
on her HST Tonal Value Collection
& we are going to swap lots of our mini blocks ....
... Yay ....
That way we both have an even larger collection
of many, many different fabrics!!!
What are the chances that we might pair
the same 2 fabrics together?

Last night I cut them all apart & pressed ...
... had a wonderful time looking at the
dark & light tonal choices I had made
.... got me thinking all over again about some
of the high contrast patterned fabrics
that Kathy (she has a new book coming out! )
uses ... as inspired by Kaffe ...

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sew katie did said...

I've been cutting too. I needed some new samples for classes. Let me know when it's finished, would love to see it.