Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thrifted Lotus

Yeah ... made a whirlwind thrifty trip
to a favourite haunt today ..
.. bribed my boy with fruity treats as we walked about!

Found this sweet little serving plate ...... that at first I thought it just reminded me
of some favourite fabric
that I can't quite let myself to cut into yet ....
... and then on closer inspection at home
compared one with the other!Woah! Yeah man ....
No recognition of our favourite artist Amy in sight!
Lotus pattern is identical to my naked eye!
Do you think I should tell her??!
Yeah, ok I'll drop her a line & see what she says about it!!
I'll let you know what she says huh!


Care said...

WOW. It's a gorgeous tray, but WOW. I'd be interested to hear what Ms. Amy says about that!

Anonymous said...

Is a great find. Glad you emailed though. I wonder what they can actually do about people who rip them off?? It would be VERY frustrating! Sam

Michelle said...

I read once that Amy Butler (as a lot of fabric designers do) uses copyright-free designs, and modernises them for her own collection, adding colours and texture to suit. I would actually doubt that your plate is a copy of an Amy Butler pattern - more likely is that both designers used the same pattern base.

I could be wrong, though. It's happened before ;)

Karen said...

Wow that's amazing - it's a lovely platter regardless of who copied whom!