Thursday, February 25, 2010


How to ... its easy!

Step 1:
Cut x1 background fabric
Cut x1 Red/Aqua fabric
Cut these @4.5 inches square
Rule a diagonal pencil line from one corner to the other
@ 45 degrees!

Step 2:
Sew x2 seams ...
right sides facing together
one 1/4" on each side of the pencil line
... like this!
Step 3:

Use your ruler & rotary blade to cut along the pencil line... like this!
Step 4:
Iron seam towards red/aqua fabric &
Trim the 'ears' off ...
... like this!
Your finished HST block should be 4" square!

If any of this is confusing ... please ask me!


Care said...

fabulous! I love half-square triangles!!

Katherine said...

Excellent tutorial! Thank you wonderful friend! p.s your blog is looking great! Nice addition of the background!