Friday, April 8, 2011

"Its SNOWING Mummy!"

This I just had to share ... too funny!
Yesterday we had a 'quiet' day at home ...
... I spent some time getting my studio sorted ... one point went to check on the little boy ...
hmmm I smelt talc powder!!!
"Its snowing Mummy!

... was the greeting!
We had recently seen a 'Chuggington' episode
where there was a snow storm
... & he does loves the 'Ice Age' movies ...

so this activity does makes sense ...
Oscar is a tactile learner!

There is still talc in places that I can't seem to get to, to clean!
& the floor is still a little 'slippery'
at least it smells nice hey!
Creative child I have - Glass half full!!!

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SandyN said...

Wendy... He is very creative just like his mum... How cute.