Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trees ...

You may not know ... I love trees ...
& leaves
(See here & here!)
all their interesting shapes & contrasts ...
Recently 'shopping' online & found this!
A collection called "Happier" by Deena Rutter
by Riley Blake Designs
This colour-way is 'Happier in Blue'&
I found it as a wall paper ...
(its almost identical!)
Hoping desperately that it has been used in this context with permission by the artist!
So I felt like a change of background since we are heading into colder days, with less daylight hours, it seems bright & cheerful!
Cute huh!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone stole this design too????! Maybe you could be the copyright police? Sam

Karen said...

I love this range - so sweet and pretty - and well I guess happy!