Tuesday, December 31, 2013

quilt tops

kinda joining in the top 5 lists
.... so going with the no rules thing
 here's my top 5 handmade tops .... plus a favourite parrot
..... & a short reflection
in vague calendar order
top left :: swing it sister
top right :: bamboo wonderland
middle left :: scrappy wip
middle right :: one a penny two a penny
bottom left :: party like a parrot
bottom right :: acid spotty coin stack

its been a big year of plenty of creativity
in the planning & execution
just not a mountain of quilting going on
lucky me acquired both an overlocker & steam iron
this year so this has spurred a re-newed passion 
to make clothing for me!
we traveled os & this always does something weird to my sewing focus
oh & if you missed it .... i started up a new business
so yeah .... not so much patchworking going on
but as always there are things happening in the background
i've noticed in going through my blog posts
& looking through images that i
have a true colour story going on
i did know this but its taken me a little by surprise :: nice to look at it all side by side
i'm very heavily biased to 'winging it' my way ... aren't i?
funny ... when you're in the midst of things sometimes you don't see it!?
(not intended as a bad pun but i don't mind a duality! he heee!)

oh & technically the one-a-penny ..... is not a quilt top
but i'd like to make one that way sometime ...

so wishing you all a happy and blessed
2014 ....  enJOY your journey

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your quilts. And that parrot costume! It is absolutely THE BEST!