Sunday, December 29, 2013

the case of the missing mojo

 yeah .... i've had a couple of 'blocks'
with my sewing of late
& that has translated into few blog posts!
the "post-os-trip-block" ....
this has happened to me before
the whole travel adventure switches my thinking
& then i find it tricky to switch back for a while
but this has been a long while
as our amazing northern sojourn was way back then
the other ...... "i-started-a-new-buisness-block"
and i have been completely focused on creating something wonderful
little smARTy's studio is a dream come true
one term in & i love it
of course i've started a blog for little smARTy's as well
yeah .... on & then there's been plenty happening in life
days for girls, full circle, the playful market
riBer trips, family times, a sewjourn, some hijinks, gallery visits,
milestone finishes, lost baby teeth, & teaching .... loving it
so last week, just in time for some handmade gift making
the sewing mojo just 'had' to be found
thankfully is was
 it wasn't like i stopped dreaming up new ideas
they were flowing .... it was the application
sew .... i made a whole heap of
pillow cases
gifted to various friends & family
i'm quite pleased with them actually!
there were co-ordinating colour matches to consider
fun fabrics for kids thinking of personalities
& some 'top shelf' choices
my lovely overlocker made these a fast, neat finish
of course ..... just need to make some for our bed

 the count is at 22 .... not all pictured!
so yeah .... i'm back blogging
but you can also now find me
with a new passion over on IG
as littlesmartysstudio

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