Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a year slips by

happy new year
 literally just whipped this dress up
feeling quite pleased with my efforts
is 'actually' the second time i've made this dress
first effort was in a plain brown jersey
which i really really disliked at first
in fact it hung in my wardrobe for a few months before 
i even entertained the idea of wearing it!
no pic of that one
made up in the plain brown the under layer of the 
crossover neckline along the waist can be seen  ... 
its a vwl  ..... heheee!
so i had thought .... a patterned version might work better
love this slinky knit with modern pixelated enlarged roses
thought it might have looked like a house dress
but i'm good i like it
all about the styling sometimes hey!
i "need" some hot pink shoes i think!!
jump starting my #YOEF :: 1

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are smokin'! Love the dress, love the styling, love the look. Happy New Year to you dear Wendy!