Wednesday, December 4, 2013

heART a craft :: simple

"heART a craft"
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.8
(i know i'm blogging ... don't fall over!)
 these are quilts saved in my littlesmARTys
pinterest folder :: textiles
selected a few to show
how beauty in simplicity
is stunning
ok yes the very top one is not actually
'simple' but its structure is ....
 there is quite amount of plain colour
in 3 of these & i do love using blocks of colour
am going to try to bring myself back to using & playing with
blocks of colour some more
 so just finding some inspiration
in works by others
love that you can see the hand stitching in some of these
this one of these simple crosses
immediately reminds me that
i have enough whirly gigs in
red & aqua to make 2 large single quilts
yep ... need to finish some ufo's
i'd even planned on 'framing' them with a warm neutral
alike this .... but i'm thinking still as i really like
the affect of them stacked on top of each other
like this larger block version made
by awesome friend Sam ....

1 comment:

Bronwyn said...

Wow that first quilt is Wow Wow Wow - I could stare at that forever! xx