Tuesday, December 31, 2013

stacked acid that will never lose its spots

way back one evening when i was both bored
& probably procrastinating
then the next day another
designed to be a double-sided top
with no 'backing' as such
 i love working in this way
& that magic pudding of scraps has grown of late
so guess what
there are more of these in store
since they are bound for our new bunk room
at our cabin on 'our riBer' ....
so that means there are 3 more to make
x2 tops per quilt .... 
yep ... lets keep tally shall we?
oh & it was one of my colour examples
used in my chat at crafty hijinks

so a start & finish for the year
it was very nearly complete about a month ago
 ..... only had 20cm of binding to stitch down
done now .... love a bit of acid yellow or green ....

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