Tuesday, July 10, 2012

moving in circles ...

our ABC 'Full Circle' Project is in full swing!!
i am so excited to say that we have had an amazingly
enthusiastic response to this creative project
& we will definitely be holding another at some point!
so come on & join in .... everyone everywhere is welcome
& there is still time!
here are a few glimpses at some of
the 'Full Circles' ...
hula hoop with silk, pva & dyes with the children at Oscar's kinder

huge circle of cardboard destined for the outlines of little people
at our ABC playgroup

then there's the talented lady who drew these & put them to print!
for some circle-ly goodness have a look at her header
i'm not entirely sure what she's up to but i just love this image of hers
with the Mamma & Baby Elephant

 i'm seeing circles everywhere & i will be wearing some at
the Playful Market too!
more reading circle tummy time at play group!
& the wonderful circle-ly sensations of the circle floating overhead
here are a couple of the early bird entries that will
both be for sale at the Playful Market:
"Cats" by Lyn & her clever janome

 "The roller coaster of life" painted by Liz

we already have more entries &
i know of many many more
some other creative ladies i know have made a start
& blogged about their entries too & are sharing the idea

here's Maryanne's work in progress
i just love the vibrancy of all the layers of thread

 and here's a sneaky look at Hilary's
can you spot that sweet little birdie?

and my wonderful friend Bron's blog,
who's keeping her Full Circle
little surprise secret from me right now ...
i am so looking forward to seeing all the entries
it will be a wonderful feast of circle-y goodness
round and round and round
here's my finished back stitching of Oscar's drawing
i love this & i will treasure it forever
here's a pic of my friend Tiffany
painting away on her Full Circle entry ...
this piece will also be for sale on the 28th


Bronwyn said...

Wendy it all looks like so much fun! My circle has been on my blog. Not quite finished but so so close. Look for my colourful rays. When can I drop it in? Can I write a little blurb to the viewer to explain the um 'art'?

Karen said...

I love the variety of the pieces.
Sneak peeks of 'ours' on my blog tomorrow.

quilary said...

Wendy there are some wonderful designs turning up in circles...congrats on putting together a great fundraiser and great show! Wish I could get to see it all!